Sight Seeing and City Tours

India is diverse, so do the experiences. Language, climate, cuisine, culture and celebrations, racial features of people, all vary from North to South and from East to West. The cities of India with rich cultural and architectural legacy, panoramic locales, diversity of languages and variety of cuisine and lifestyle are challenging to explore. The camel rides of Rajasthan, boat cruises along the backwaters of Kerala on kettuvallams (houseboats), Shikara (houseboat) rides on Dal Lake, visit to immortal monuments like the Taj Mahal at Agra are some of the experiences worth cherishing.

Indian cities capture the diversity of the country in its true spirit. Mumbai’s old buildings are reminiscent of Victorian age, languishes more in the larger-than-life glamor of Bollywood, while Delhi’s history dates back to the Khiljis of 13th century, is more poignant in the administrative boulevards at the heart of the city. Kolkata, the city of letters, is revolutionary, struggling to shrug of its colonial hang-over. Barring the metro rail, and a few newly-built complexes in south Kolkata, the city is like the Tin-Drum character of Gunter Grass, like the one who has decided not to grow any further.
Chennai will take you along the complexities of temple architecture, dance and Carnatic music. Forget about Hindi, one of the two official languages of India, while you converse with people in Chennai.

We help you explore the country and its cities of different hue and color. Go around India, experience diversity!!